San Jose

Are You Kitten Me? $1,500 San Jose Studio Rented to Cats

A San Jose man is paying $1,500 a month to rent a studio in the Willow Glen neighborhood.

But there's a catch: you can't get that same price in the high-priced Silicon Valley. Well you can, if you are cats named Tina and Louise.

The pets' owner, David Callisch, pays what looks to be a bargain to house the cats in the apartment.

"It's something I didn't plan for," he said. "But you know money doesn't discriminate between sex, race, or even species, especially in the Valley."

Callisch said he is in and out of town and his daughter went away to college.

"From the real estate point of view, it may sound a little bit funny, but it's clever and creative," said Sophia Delacotte, a real estate agent. "And I like it."

A family member does visit to feed the cats.

Callisch said the animals are easier to rent to than people -- at least so far. Local real estate agents said the studio's market value could for as much as $1,900 a month.

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