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Avoiding Scams at Comic-Con

The Better Business Bureau warns people to look out for scammers



    The Better Business Bureau warns people not to buy tickets from strangers during Comic-Con. (Published Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

    It's the hottest ticket in town and plenty of scam artists will be happy to sell you one. But there's a problem, some passes to Comic-Con are fakes.

    "There is just an extraordinarily high demand so we see ticket scams on steroids," said San Diego Better Business Bureau President Sheryl Reichert.

    Reichert says since tickets generally sell out months before the popular comic convention, scam artists use the moment to sell bogus tickets. Most of the passes are sold online, through sites like eBay and CraigsList.

    "The con men are asking for money up front," said Reichert. "Often times you won't get a ticket or you'll get fake tickets so you will show up to the event and won't  be able to get in.

    Comic-Con officials stress that they do not use third-party companies to sell their tickets. They also don't allow people to change names on the badges, and official passes are not sent through the mail.

    Reichert said there are people who have grown up in San Diego and never been able to get a ticket. She says people don't want their first ticket to be a fake.