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Vigilante Drivers Pull Over Lexus Involved in Crash

The driver claimed his accelerator got stuck



    Vigilante Drivers Pull Over Lexus Involved in Crash

    San Diego drivers take it upon themselves to pull over a driver who they say caused a multiple vehicle crash in National City.

    According to the California Highway Patrol, witnesses first reported a man in a Lexus driving at excessive speeds around southbound Interstate 5 and Front Street, weaving in and out of traffic at around 80 mph. 

    Near 24th Street in National City, he hit a red minivan, which spun out of control and hit another car, according to witnesses. 

    For a brief time, the Lexus driver stopped, but then he cut across six lanes of traffic and headed east on State Route 54. 

    Others on the freeway saw what happened and decided to chase the Lexus driver down.

    Somehow, the vigilante drivers literally surrounded the Lexus on the freeway and forced the driver to pull over at the SR-54 off-ramp to Highland Avenue.

    When officers arrived, they say he claimed the accelerator got stuck, even though witnesses noted that he had stopped briefly. 

    The Lexus driver was arrested for felony hit and run. CHP officers said he had been drinking, but he was not over the DUI limit. 

    Neither he nor his passenger were injured in the crash.

    The CHP will continue investigating the entire incident.