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Sexual Assaults Case Dismissed Against Businessman Bernbeck

Michael Leslie Bernback appeared on a 2011 episode of "Millionaire Matchmaker"

Sexual assault charges were dismissed Tuesday against a businessman who appeared in 2011 on an episode of the reality television show "Millionaire Matchmaker."

Prosecutors announced that they were unable to proceed with a hearing to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to require Michael Leslie Bernback, 65, to stand trial, and the case was dismissed by the court at the defense's request, according to Ricardo Santiago of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

Bernback was initially charged with alleged crimes involving three women between March 2014 and August 2015, but charges involving one of those women were dismissed at an earlier hearing, according to Santiago.

In a statement, defense attorney Blair Berk said Bernback had been "vindicated."

"Mr. Bernback maintained his innocence from the start. His attorneys presented evidence to prosecutors that contradicted the claims of his accusers and requested that the Los Angeles District Attorney undertake a thorough re-examination of the case, initially investigated by the LAPD," Berk said. "It is now clear that Mr. Bernback should have never been arrested and charged. Moving forward, Mr. Bernback will attempt to regain his reputation and put this terrible ordeal behind him."

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