Caught On Camera: Thief Steals UPS Delivery Off Porch, Leaves Pastry Wrapper

Woodland Hills crime watch captains are reporting dozens of cases of delivery theft

Police are looking for the suspect who allegedly stole a package off the front porch of a Woodland Hills home on Monday.

Annette Adler says the family had been expecting a custom baseball glove for their son Troy. When they arrived home and discovered an empty wrapper smudged with jelly near their front door, they grew suspicious and looked at their surveillance camera footage.

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"Sure enough, there's footage of a woman walking up our driveway, and taking our package," Adler said. Adler adds that the footage shows the woman eating what appears to be a donut.

The Adlers had paid nearly $400 for the mitt when they ordered it as a Christmas gift in November. Because it is a custom glove, it wasn’t ready in time for a Christmas delivery.

"Someone out there has my glove, custom glove. That's mine, and it's just, I hope they're enjoying it," Troy said.

According to the surveillance footage, the package was dropped off around 11:56 a.m. on Monday by UPS. Adler says that a signature was supposed to be required upon delivery.

The package was then stolen at 2:02 p.m.

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Woodland Hills crime watch captains are reporting dozens of cases of delivery theft, but most residents don’t file police reports, choosing to instead settle monetarily with credit card companies, the vendor, or even UPS OR FedEx, according to police.

Police hope the release of this surveillance footage will help identify the suspect.

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