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City of Stanton Files Lawsuit to Shut Down Bikini Coffee Shop

Stanton city officials have filed a lawsuit seeking to shut down a coffee shop where they say waitresses wear revealing bikinis that expose their genitals and customers smoke inside.

The lawsuit, filed in February against GZ Cafe in the 7400 block of Cerritos Avenue, claims the business is in violation of operations requirements for coffeehouses in the city.

Workers are accused of exposing part of their female genitals and breasts, according to the lawsuit, which also states smoking has been permitted inside the cafe.

They city says the business is a public nuisance, and is asking for a restraining order.

The owners of a barber shop two doors away from GZ Cafe say the coffee shop has brought them a lot of business and they would be sorry to see it close down.

"We don't have issues. The only issue we had was the cigarette smell but they told us they'd take care of it and lately we haven't really smelled anything," said Ricardo Hernandez, the barbershop's co-owner.

"There was about four girls working. They were almost naked but not topless. I didn't see anything wrong with it," said Sino Rou, the barbershop's other owner.

In January, city officials filed a cease-and-desist order against the coffee shop, saying in addition to the exposure violations, they also violated the approved hours of operation for coffeehouses.

An attorney for the cafe says it did everything by the book and obtained all of the necessary permits, only to have the city pass a new ordinance two weeks before its opening that tightened the rules on its business.

Randal Whitecotton, who represents the cafe and its owners, said liquor is not served at the coffee shop and waitresses must be 18 to work at the business.

There are no age restrictions on customers.

"The girls are pretty. The waitress are pretty and they serve drinks, nonalcoholic drinks. Coffee and smoothies and that's exactly what it is," he said.

But other business owners in the neighborhood says the center's parking spots fill up on the weekends, and some local residents want it shuttered.

"Whoever these guys are that are coming in here to look at these ladies you know that somethings not right. My little girls going to walk by here. What are they going to think of her?" said Ayesha Tully.

The city has cited three waitresses for nudity, and they are scheduled to appear in court next week.

Editor's Note: A video has been removed from this story that featured photos from the cafe's Facebook page that included waitresses who no longer work for the business.

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