Comic-Con Mania: What to Expect From the Pop Culture Convention

The annual migration of geeks, fanboys and girls, collectors, aficionados and cosplayers is about to commence from Thursday-Sunday

The annual migration of geeks, fanboys and girls, collectors, aficionados and cosplayers is about to commence: Comic-Con International kicks off Thursday in San Diego.

The mega-convention of almost everything pop culture runs July 24 through 27, and the Southern California city will be awash with outrageous costumes, A-list stars, informative panels, limited-edition merchandise, fan-based art and yes, of course, aisles of rare and hard-to-find comic books. Read More

Bite-Sized Tips for Attending the Gargantuan Convention
Because "humongous" and "gargantuan" and "larger than Godzilla" and "bigger than 15 solar systems smooshed together" are incredibly common descriptions of the world's largest pop culture convention. Here, however, are some lickety-split tips that might (we said might, so don't get huffy if they don't apply to you, which they probably should). Read More

Some Super Places to Eat At on Your Journey to Comic-Con
Should you remove your superhero mask or robot head before sipping your smoothie? Probably, right? You don't want to dribble down the costume you spent months making. Can you split an order of cheesy fries with a character who is actually your character's sworn enemy in the comic books? Read More

Expected Celebrities at Comic-Con 2014
Natalie Dormer of "Game of Thrones," "Django" creator Quentin Tarantino, "Nacho Libre" star Jack Black and more

Opening Day: Comic-Con 2014: Thursday's Big Events
Following Wednesday evening's brief preview, Comic-Con makes the jump to lightspeed Thursday when the first full day of events kicks-off in San Diego.

-Spotlight on Bill Finger, the Co-Creator of Batman
-USA Network Teases "DIG"
-NASA's Next Giant Leap
-The Heroes of "Star Wars Rebels"

Read More 

X-Men Virtual Reality Experience Coming to Comic-Con 2014
Comic-Con attendees will have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enter the mind of Professor X. 20th Century Fox has created an "X-Men"-themed virtual reality stunt especially for the pop-culture convention, which kicks off Thursday in San Diego. Read More

Comic-Con's Highly Coveted Collector Toys
Because the toys aren't intended to be sold in stores, only in small quantities on the Comic-Con show floor and on Mattel's collectors' site, Mattel designers are encouraged to employ premium materials and create over-the-top packaging. Mattel's exclusives this year run between $20 and $85, but the elite toys can fetch much more when they're put up for auction. Read More

Comic-Con Asked to Step Up Security for Costumed Women
When the ladies of Comic-Con 2014 hit the convention floor in costume this July some will walk away feeling uncomfortable and violated according to online group Read More

And of course, don't forget the costumes

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