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Community Comes Together to Get Hero Officer's Home Ready for His Return

As he edges closer to being able to live in his own home again, volunteers came together to prepare Officer Gabriel Garcia's home for his return.

Six months ago, San Bernardino Police Officer Gabriel Garcia was nearly killed in a shootout, protecting his city.

On Thursday, Garcia walked up to his Beaumont home, showing the huge strides he’s made since the shooting.

At his house, Garcia was met with volunteers — many of whom have never met him before — who have been working to make sure his home has everything he’ll need to be able to get around when he is able to return home.

"I went through that one point where I needed help and somebody helped me. I like giving back," said Curt Ferraro, who was there with a group from Home Depot, which contributed materials.

Garcia was shot in the head Aug. 22 when a man opened fire in a San Bernardino neighborhood. Garcia’s rookie partner shot and killed the man believed to have injured him.

Garcia began to speak a couple months after the shooting, and can now walk with braces and has regained some speech.

"He can just focus on getting back to his job, and saving people and helping the community," said Janine Chesney, also of Home Depot.

It has taken six months of intensive therapy just for him to be able to walk up his driveway.

"You know he's having to relearn everything,” said his father, retired police Capt. Ron Garcia. “He's started from scratch."

Garcia said he couldn't be any more proud of his son.

"He will live independently here eventually. He's working his way toward that now," Garcia said.

"I know one day he's going to be back to his normal self," Lydia Garcia said.
And that's why San Bernardino police and Home Depot are renovating the home Officer Garcia shares with his five year old daughter.

They’re putting in things like a new handrail, so he can walk upstairs.

"It's just good to come out to be able to give back to one of our own," said Det. Devin Peck.

They are giving back to a man who put his life on the line for his city, and he is grateful to them.

"Amazing," Garcia said. "That these people show up. And first off they pray for me. I feel amazing."

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