How the Pandemic Has Changed Our Bodies

From dead butt syndrome to grinding teeth, the pandemic is taking a toll

File image of a woman with acne on her face.
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Whether or not you’ve been lucky enough to dodge the coronavirus for the last year, the global pandemic still could be taking a toll on your body, from your brain to your nails.

Your body may be suffering effects big or small from the many ways the pandemic has changed our lives — whether it’s from regular fear of contracting the deadly virus, losing loved ones unexpectedly, social isolation, job losses and financial struggles, endless hours Zooming from home or other challenges faced. 

“The pandemic has truly impacted the health of our nation and not just necessarily with the Covid disease itself,” said Dr. Ada Stewart, a family doctor in Columbia, South Carolina, and president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. “As a practicing family physician, I see it every day in some form or another.”

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