Dense Fog Blankets SoCal Ahead of Cooling Trend

Dense fog will shroud much of Southern California Tuesday at the start of yet another unusually warm day, but a cooling trend is about to start.

A dense fog advisory will be in effect in Beach cities and metropolitan Los Angeles until 9 a.m. Visibility could fall to a quarter-mile or less up to mid-morning, according to a statement from the National Weather Service.

"Low visibility due to dense fog will cause very hazardous driving conditions," especially on the Harbor 110 and 710 Freeways to  the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and on the 405 Freeway," according to the statement.

NWS forecasters advised motorists to reduce speed, avoid tailgating, use  only low beams and give themselves extra time to get to their destinations  this morning.

'Temperatures, meanwhile, are forecast to be high once again, reaching 77 degrees in downtown L.A., 81 in Yorba Linda and 90 in Woodland Hills. Wednesday's highs are forecast to fall only two degrees in downtown  L.A., one degree in Yorba Linda but eight degrees in Woodland Hills.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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