Disney-Related Measles Case Reported at Ventura County Preschool

A child was diagnosed with measles in Southern California this week, sending their preschool scrambling to screen other students.

More than 40 students and staff members at Little Explorers Preschool Academy in Simi Valley may have been exposed to the highly infectious virus, which is spreading throughout California and beyond.

California health officials have reported at least 81 measles cases since December, when several people who visited Disney theme parks in Anaheim came down with measles. The Simi Valley case is related to Disneyland as well, according to school officials, but some infections in the recent outbreak were contracted elsewhere.

The infected student is doing well, the school said, and screenings were quickly coordinated. Parents at Little Explorers Preschool Academy said they weren't worried that the classmate of their children, described as a toddler, was diagnosed with the highly infectious disease.

"I'm highly impressed with the school and actions that they took and steps they took to make sure everybody was OK," said Terry Richardson, a school grandparent.

The Ventura County school notified parents as soon as they learned that the student, who has not been named, was potentially exposed to the measles on Wednesday, Jan. 28, the school said in a statement. They are working with county health officials, already checking each student for immunity and vaccinating those who needed it.

"Our number one priority is the health and well being of our students," the statement said. "At the present time the child in quarantine is doing well and none of our other students are demonstrating any signs of the measles virus."

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