Big Bear

Family Saved In Icy Big Bear Lake Rescue

A family of three was rescued after falling through the icy surface of Big Bear Lake Saturday, according to deputies.

A mother, father and daughter were walking on the ice of Big Bear Lake when they fell through the ice into the freezing water, according to San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

One witness said people around the lake tried to help the family.

"The two ladies were yelling but they were kind of thrashing around which is the worst thing to do in ice apparently," said Sandy Bussey. "We were just trying to yell at them, 'stay calm don't move, just hold on.'"

Deputies arrived within minutes and used a rope to pull the family to safety. The family refused any medical treatment, according to deputies. Deputies issued the father a citation because of the numerous signs around the lake telling people to stay off the ice.

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