Fatburger Adds Vegan-Friendly ‘Impossible Burger' to Its Menu

Vegans and other non-meat eaters, rejoice!

Beverly Hills-based burger chain Fatburger added a new dish to its menu that will emulate traditional burgers that "bleed."

You may have heard of the hype that the Impossible Burger gets from other restaurants, so if you haven’t yet tried it, here is your chance. The Impossible Burger is made with a plant-based patty that emulates meat in regards to its taste, smell and texture since it "bleeds."

The vegan-friendly item will be available at all domestic locations across the U.S., according to the burger chain. It will come with the usual toppings that its other burgers have: tomato, lettuce, mustard, onion and pickle relish.

Now, the question is – would you like fries with that?

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