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Father of Four Gunned Down on 91 Freeway Had a “Great Heart”

Family and friends on Tuesday were struggling to understand why a father of four was killed in a freeway shooting in Orange County.

Agustin Villegas was headed home from work Monday when at least two shots rang out on the westbound 91 Freeway through Anaheim. Villegas was killed and his cousin, who was driving the pickup truck, was injured.

"There was one (shot) and then the second one, that's the one that hit my brother in the head," said Villegas's brother, Antonio Villegas.

Both victims' teenage sons were in the back seat. They were not hurt.

Family members said 32-year-old Villegas was a family man who liked to help others.

"Very good brother, I'm going to miss him," Antonio Villegas said.

Esmeralda Morales said Villegas was more than a neighbor, he was the one who reached out when her father died four months ago.

"He always helped people, he was never a bad guy," Morales said. "He had a great heart to help others out."

Mechanics who knew Villegas remembered him as a hard worker.

"You never know what to expect," said mechanic Javier Garcia. "It was just random, I guess."

Police said the shooting was random. Investigators combed the freeway for hours Monday night in search of clues. A stretch of the 91 Freeway was shut down until 2 a.m.

Villegas's cousin, 42-year-old Abram Vargas, was injured in the shooting, but is expected to survive.

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