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Forged Prescriptions Discovered at USC Student Health Center's Pharmacy

Blank prescription forms stolen from the USC student health center were forged and used to illicitly obtain several doses of controlled drugs.

The LAPD said it was investigating five forgeries that were filled by USC's on-campus pharmacy earlier this year. Four of the forged prescriptions were used to obtain "controlled narcotics," and the fifth was filled with a non-narcotic medication.

The pads, that list the name of a USC physician who used to work at the Engemann Student Health Center on 34th Street, may have been stolen by a former employee in mid-2016, but the theft wasn't discovered or reported to police until March, a law enforcement source told NBC4.

The LAPD said the prescription theft was not related to its investigation of former health center gynecologist George R. Tyndall, who is facing several lawsuits that accuse him of sexually assaulting patients over several decades at USC.

Tyndall had worked at the same student health center.

The prescription theft was not reported to the California Board of Pharmacy, that maintains a public list of stolen pads. A spokesman said theft reports are customary but not required.

No arrests have been made, police said.

USC didn't immediately respond to calls for comment.

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