Fred Goldman Wants OJ Simpson's NFL Hall of Fame Ring

As O.J. Simpson sits in jail in Nevada, lawyers for Fred Goldman have gone to court in California to try to retrieve an NFL Hall of Fame ring they believe is worth as much as $50,000.

Goldman's attorneys believe Simpson gave the ring to one of the memorabilia dealers he was convicted of robbing at a Las Vegas hotel.

On Friday, they persuaded Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Gerald Rosenberg to order Simpson not to dispose of the ring until they can find it.

Rosenberg also ordered memorabilia dealer Alfred Beardsley to appear on Nov. 19 and produce the ring.

Goldman is the father of Ron Goldman, who was slain with Simpson's ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder but the Goldman family won a multimillion-dollar civil wrongful death judgment against him. Most of it remains unpaid.

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