Caught on Camera: Thief Gone in Seconds After Breaking Into Mail Boxes

The man in an LA Dodgers cap used a tool to easily pry open the boxes before taking whatever he found inside

A thief was caught on a surveillance camera taking items from a row of personal mail boxes at a Southern California apartment complex.

The man, seen wearing a Dodgers baseball cap, used a tool to pry open the boxes at a complex in Gardena. The man took items from several boxes and left in a vehicle that cannot be seen on the video.

The April 3 theft took about 25 seconds, during which time the man broke into two sets of personal mail boxes and left the location. The video was released until Tuesday with a notification from Gardena police that there has "been an increase in mail theft" at residences in the past 30 days.

Call 310-217-9607 with information about the theft.

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