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Attention Bookworms! LA County Libraries Will Host Giant Used Book Sale

Books of all tastes, from fantasy to horror to romance, will be some of the those available for readers.

What to Know

  • What: Giant Used Book Sale
  • Where: Los Angeles County libraries
  • When: Saturday, April 6

Books for sale!

Summer is quickly approaching and what better way to stock up on books for summer reading than at a used book sale.

All Los Angeles County Library locations that regularly open on Saturday will host a giant used book sale April 6.

Books of all taste about fantasy to horror to romance will be some of the bargain books available for readers.

The sale comes just in time for National Library Week, during which schools and libraries celebrate the importance of reading.

The Los Angeles County Library Foundation raises funds and creates partnerships that support LA County Library. The sale is sponsored by LA County Library's Friends, a community of people who share the same passion for reading and appreciation of libraries.

All proceeds from the book sale will be used to benefit Los Angeles County libraries.

To find your nearest LA County Library, click here.

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