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Good Samaritan Helps Pull 2 People to Safety, Flips Pickup on Freeway

When a crash flipped a pickup truck on the 60 Freeway in Jefferson Park Sunday, a good Samaritan took the lead by blocking off multiple lanes on the freeway, working to free the people trapped inside the overturned vehicle and then helping flip the pickup truck back onto its wheels, with the heroic actions caught on video.

The crash involving two vehicles occurred on the 60 Freeway west of Garfield Boulevard around 4:42 p.m. on July 7, according to the California Highway Patrol. The CHP said that the pickup truck flipped over.

The viral video shows seven men teaming up to help flip the vehicle and get it back on four tires.

One of the seven men was Jorge Tiznado. 

"He noticed no one else was stopping, so that made him [stop]," said his daughter Janette Mincitar.

Tiznado's son posted the video on social media and said his father saw someone trapped inside the pickup truck and immediately pulled over and blocked three lanes on the freeway, helping pull a man and woman to safety before a group of men joined up to help flip the vehicle.

"They were able to respond, but they were in shock," the daughter said. "First, they assessed the woman and they took her our. Secondly, they assesed the man and took him out."

Some people say he went too far in his efforts to help, but his family said he only had the best intentions.

After pulling the man and woman out, Tiznado and the other men moved the truck to the shoulder and tried to keep other safe.

"He felt much better that people were actually saved."

First responders say the first thing that should be done in a situation like this is calling 911. Tiznado's wife called as soon as the family stopped to help. 

Tiznado's daughter's reaction was simple: "Wow, my dad is a hero."

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