Good Samaritans Stop Man Who Allegedly Groped Girl in Menifee

Some neighbors say the suspect lives in a special care home in the neighborhood

A group of parents chased down an alleged sexual predator in Menifee after he allegedly groped a little girl at La Ladera Park Tuesday night. A now-deleted video posted on Facebook caught the dramatic confrontation.

Roland Riddell, 21, faces one count of molesting a child after he allegedly groped a little girl. Several fathers chased the suspect from a Riverside County Park and detained him until deputies arrived Tuesday evening.

The good Samaritans were at La Ladera Park when one witness says his daughter told him she saw Riddell pat a girl on her rear end while asking her some questions. That's when the group called 911.

Some neighbors say Riddell lives in a special care home in the neighborhood.

Trasier Schuyler, the witness who recorded the video, said he believes Riddell suffers from some type of mental illness.

"I could see in his eyes there was something missing," he said.

Schuyler also wants people to know Riddell was never harmed, and he hopes he receives care.

"What he did was hideous but he's still a person and he needs help."

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