GPS Leads to Arrests in Koreatown Jewelry Heist

Tracking devices within stolen Rolexes led police to the suspects.

Ten people are behind bars Thursday in connection with a multi-million dollar, Ocean's 11-style jewelry heist in a Koreatown mall.

Officers made the first arrests just two hours after the smash-and-grab armed robbery because tiny GPS devices kept inside pricey Rolex watches led them to the alleged thieves.

Armed with guns and sledge hammers, the masked thieves took just 90 seconds to get in and out of Saint Cross Jewelers with $5 million worth of jewelry Wednesday night, unaware that the GPS devices within the stolen watches enabled police to to track their getaway.

"I’m sure these individuals had no clue that the GPS tracking devices are so small that they fit inside a Rolex watch," said LAPD Capt. Vito Palazzolo.

Police said the suspects did not know each other prior to arriving in town within the last couple of days, during which time they practiced the burglary.

Five of the suspects said they are juveniles, according to police.

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