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Grandmother Speaks Out After Teen's Confrontation With Officer Who Opened Fire

The grandmother of a teen who was involved in a confrontation with an officer said even after the incident, he still wants to be an officer.

The grandmother of the teenager involved in a confrontation with an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer broke her silence on the controversial ordeal that has led to peaceful protests and the administrative leave of said officer.

"What happened to him that day should have never happened," she said.

Prosecutors announced that LAPD officer Kevin Ferguson would not face criminal charges after he fired his gun during a confrontation with a 13-year-old last year. The confrontation was captured on various widely circulated videos that sparked protests outside the officer's home.

The boy's grandmother spoke with NBC4 Thursday and defended her family member as she emphasized her grandson’s kindness.

"He cares for people like no tomorrow,” she said. "I've always seen him caring for people and I think that's why he felt so strongly defending his 13-year-old classmate – because he doesn’t like when people are abused or bullied."

Witnesses at the scene claimed Ferguson allegedly called the teen's friend a derogatory name before he fire the warning shot. However, videos show the off-duty officer exchange angry words with several teens who walked on his lawn at the time.

Since prosecutors announced that Ferguson will not face charges, protestors have been demonstrating peacefully outside his home as they seek justice.

The teen's grandmother said that her message is not anti-law enforcement, but an anti-bullying one. She also made it clear that her family is not involved with any protests that have been taking place.

"Even up until the incident, he is still interested in becoming a cop," she said. "I asked him if this incident would change his mind and he said, 'Absolutely not.' He really wants to become a cop because he wants to set the example."

She now has a message for protesters: Should you continue to demonstrate, do so peacefully and refrain from resorting to violence.

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