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Grass Roots Group Propose Park for Silver Lake Reservoir

A grass roots group in Silver Lake is up against what many LA neighborhoods face: lots of traffic, concrete and not enough green space. But the group has a solution: convert two empty reservoirs into a public park.

The Silver Lake and Ivanhoe reservoirs are now empty after being replaced by a new underground water storage facility, and the group is hoping convert the acres of empty concrete into a space for neighborhood kids to play.

The open-air reservoirs that formerly stored drinking water were removed from the statewide water distribution system in 2013 because they failed to meet federal standards.

LADWP project Headworks, a multimillion dollar project, will consist of two covered reservoirs between Burbank and Griffith Park.

Nonprofit organization Silver Lake Forward envisions replacing the space with docks, walking trails, a beach and a nature center for children, all surrounding a sustainable water supply that could connect to the LA River.

"We're blessed to live in a place with incredible weather, but we often don't spend enough time appreciating nature," said Catherine Geanuracos of Silver Lake Forward. "I think it would make the whole east side of Los Angeles a better place to live, and it would give us more space for recreation, public health and physical activity."

Proponents have laid out a plan that would take several years and cost millions of dollars, but they're sure they'll be able to convince their neighbors to take a little more out of their pockets to give children more space to play.

"It would be a campaign," Geanuracos said. "We would have to really convince people about the value."

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