Fast Food Facts: Do You Really Care?

That burger and fries, fried chicken, or creamy latte may cost more than you think, or rather, care to know, when it comes to calories.

Researchers at Yale University watched more than 4,000 customers as they ordered at places like McDonald's, Burger King and Starbucks.

They found, nobody seems to care if the food is fattening. Out of those 4,000 people, only six of them actually bothered to look at the nutrition information.

Did they not see it? Or do they just not care?

Yale's Christina Roberto says, "I don't think menu labeling is the magic bullet, but I do think that people are eating a lot of food outside the home. Consumers have the right to know this information, and it will help inform, help them make better choices when they're eating out."

Or will it?

It's been nearly a year since New York City enacted the firstlaw requiring major chains to post calories on menus, boards, and food labels. Opinions are still varied. Since then, other cities and states have passed or are considering similar laws. And a growing number of restaurants are voluntarily displaying nutritional information.

The National Restaurant Association has also teamed with Healthy Dining to create a website where you can find dietitian approved menus at participating restaurants nationwide.

The Yale study appears in the May issue of the American Journal of Public Health.

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