Study: Women Choosy About Casual Sex; Men Not

Men must be very attractive for women to consider casual sex

Everybody has anecdotal evidence that men are more prone than women to have casual sex, but a study by the journal "Human Nature" has some insights into the matter.

According to researchers, the women who were interviewed for the study said potential partners in one-night stands had to very attractive. The research findings were consistent with past studies that showed that men's casual-sex partners did not need to be as attractive as their prospective partners in long-term relationships.

"While men are not entirely insensitive to their requestor’s attractiveness, women have higher standards and are more likely to engage in casual sex with an exceptionally attractive man than with a less attractive man,” according to the study's authors.

More than 850 students from the U.S., Germany and Italy  were involved in the study.

Beer goggles, anyone?

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