Horse Rescued After Falling 30-Feet Down Embankment

A horse was belly up when he fell 30 feet down an embankment and got stuck in the mud, but was rescued and doing fine in San Juan Capistrano Tuesday.

Orange County rescue workers freed the horse named Honor that got stuck in mud and thick vegetation in a creek bed Tuesday.

The horse's dilemma triggered a response by a search-and-rescue team and county Animal Control personnel who worked together to lead the animal to safety.

Veterinarians sedated the 13-year old horse, who is trained to hunt and jump, to calm him down.

Honor only sustained only minor injuries, according to the Orange County Fire Authority.

The OCFA was notified shortly before 10:30 a.m. that the horse was stuck about 30 feet down an embankment near Rosenbaum and Trabuco Creek roads.

OCFA Capt. Larry Kurtz said the animal got mired in some mud, but the vegetation in the area was too thick for crews to lift the horse to safety with a helicopter.

Instead, crews on the ground cut through the brush to clear a path for the animal.

His trainer says something must have spooked him and he took off.

He was given fluids and was to be checked by a vet.

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