Las Vegas

‘I Wish I Could Have Done More': Firefighter Wounded While Helping Shooting Victim

San Bernardino County firefighter Mike Kordich had a goal during the massacre. To save lives.

"I just wish I could have done more," he said from his hospital bed.

He was shot while administering CPR during the shooting in Las Vegas. From the hospital, he recalled when he and fellow firefighter Dave Arnold tried to save the first person they saw.

"I opened up a shirt and tried to listen for a heartbeat, didn't hear one, so I opened up his shirt and started doing CPR right away and Dave was checking for secondary wounds," Kordich said.

While helping the man Kordich was hit by a bullet through the arm.

"I tried to continue CPR and that's when I started bleeding really bad," he said. "That's when I made the decision that we have to leave here or we are all going to turn into victims.

"It was tough to leave that gentleman, but it was something we had to do, I guess.

"I was too badly injured to continue helping him."

Kordich and Arnold ran for cover.

"I remember one time we turned over a couple kegs from a bar," he said.

Kurdich is recovering but the 34 year old is also on a mission, to learn what happened to the man he had to leave.

"I just didn't want to leave him," he said. "I have been in close contact with a detective and that individual is trying to see if he survived or not. I wish I could have done more."

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