Inglewood Girl Scout Troop Gets Star Treatment After Oscars Appearance Raises $65,000

An Inglewood Girl Scout troop raised $65,243 through sales and donations during their buzz-worthy cameo at the 88th Academy Awards on Sunday

After making their awards ceremony debut to an international audience, an Inglewood Girl Scout troop is getting the star treatment in the media and among their peers.

The troop, whose members range from fourth through eighth grade, raised more than $65,000 at the Academy Awards on Sunday night through sales and donations, said Girl Scouts of the USA. With the help of host Chris Rock, who encouraged Hollywood's elite to dig into their wallets, the girls had the opportunity to interact with Oscar winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Sam Smith.

Chris Rock himself was the mastermind behind the stunt, but the money did not go toward his daughters' East Coast-based troop as he said during the ceremony.

The girls learned "soft skills" from this once-in-a-lifetime experience, according to Carol Dedrich, a Girl Scouts spokeswoman. Performing in a skit at the Oscars was educational for the girls, who learned the importance of rehearsal and preparation.

"I liked seeing how everything unfolded behind the scenes," said Aniyah G., a Cadette Girl Scout who attended the awards ceremony on Sunday. "The experience was more than selling cookies. We learned a lot about show business, too."

Just like the stars, the girls had to undergo several rehearsals to prepare for the big night.

"We rehearsed with them on what to do -- what was appropriate and what wasn't appropriate," said Dedrich. "They will really appreciate what goes into a production of a show since they were there firsthand to see these entertainers."

After a long day at the Oscars, the girls were not done with the spotlight. Their post-Oscars adrenaline got them through the busiest 24 hours of the lives, which included an early call time for "Good Morning America" the next day. Now, it's just a matter of going back to their everyday lives.

"I'm sure they're feeling love from their friends, as they feel like a celebrity as they go back to school," said Dedrich.

The $65,000 will fund a school supplies drive for foster children, extracurricular activities like art classes and leadership and educational programs for the Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles. 

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