Inglewood Residents Heated Over Planned Power Outage

Planned power outages in Inglewood left residents upset Monday night that they were without electricity on the hottest day of the year.

Many residents returned home and wanted to turn on their air conditioning or to cook dinner, but had no idea they would be without power until 6 a.m Tuesday.

Some residents said they received advanced notice about the outages planned by Southern California Edison, others did not.

"It's still hot in our apartment, because we are up high, it's like the heat rises," said Jennifer Kynard. "There's no electricity. So, I'm afraid that the food we just bought is going to get spoiled. We didn't even buy ice, I'm going to have to buy ice now."

Inglewood was one of several cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties to experience power outages, such as Downey, where hundreds of customers were without electricity Monday.

According to SCE, on Monday night, about 16,000 customers were without power.

Edison said the maintenance performed in Inglewood on Monday could not be delayed, and if they did not improve the power lines, outages in the Summer could be much worse.

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