Intrusive Bear Family Rummages Through Trash in Monrovia to Look For Lunch

Three bears were disappointed to find that several trashcans in a Monrovia neighborhood were empty after they rummaged through them in search of a hefty meal.

The intrusive trio was spotted Sunday on Norumbega Drive by David Debetta. The Monrovia resident says the mother and two cubs are the same bears he and his wife had seen picking oranges from their backyard tree last summer.

According to Debetta, the bears are weekly visitors and are very active neighbors.

Debetta can be heard pleading with the bears to go elsewhere as they seem to get closer to his home.

"Go to Fred’s house! Come on," Debetta says in the video.

"Okay, okay. Just playing," he said as one bear approached a trashcan near his driveway.

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