Keep Your Kids Safe Online With These Handy Tech Gadgets

It can be hard to keep your kids safe online but tech guru Jennifer Jolly has some solutions that will give you some peace of mind.

Jolly showed California Live some tech tools that are right at your fingerprints to help you monitor and keep your kids safe online.

Track and put restrictions on their screen time

Jolly suggests tracking and putting restrictions on your child's screen time as a way to monitor your kid's online safety.

Apple's screen time function or Google's family link app allow you to set restrictions on when your children can be on certain apps or how long they can use them. 

With these features, you can even shut off their phone or disconnect their phone from wi-fi so they aren't up all night on their phones. 

Find a way to manage all devices

Jolly recommends buying devices like Circle Home Plus to manage all devices in your house. 

The device manages all family devices from cell phones to gaming systems to smart speakers. 

The device plugs into wi-fi at home and has an app for on the go. It will then send you alerts telling you who is using what device, even what applications they are using. 

Give them the tools to learn

You teach your kids how to ride a bike and how to drive a car so why not teach them how to use a smart phone? Jolly recommends Gabb because it is the smart phone targeted towards kids.

The phone has unlimited talk and text with helpful features like calenders and alarms but no access to social media or adult content. So you can still give your child a smart phone but without some of the risk. 

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