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Huntington Park, Other LA County Cities on Magazine's List of ‘America's Most Miserable'

Qualifiers included high crime, few opportunities and danger from natural disasters.

A handful of L.A. County cities turned up on a national magazine's recent list of the 50 Most Miserable Cities in America, although Los Angeles itself escaped the ignominious honor.

Business Insider said it used U.S. Census data to analyze 1,000 U.S. cities on criteria such as crime, drug addiction, population changes, job opportunities, commute times, household incomes, abandoned homes and effects from problems such as natural disasters.

Huntington Park was No. 10 on the list, Bell Gardens was No. 14, Lynwood was No. 21, El Monte was No. 22, Montebello was No. 40; Compton was No. 41, and Lancaster was 50th.

The magazine said cities on the list shared qualities, including few opportunities, devastation from natural disasters, high crime and addiction rates, and often many abandoned houses.

The most "miserable" city was Gary, Indiana, followed by Port Arthur, Texas, and Detroit, Michigan.

Nine of the 50 cities listed were in the state of New Jersey.

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