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Girl's Christmas Tree Wish Comes True, Thanks to Deputies

"The fact that she said they have never had a Christmas tree kinda humbled us a little bit"

An 11-year-old Lynwood girl wrote a letter asking only for a Christmas Tree for her family. She waited outside her home for four days, hoping for someone who could help. Her wish was eventually answered by Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies.

"We were out on patrol, we had a call for service out there," said Deputy Pedro Valencia.

While on the road, they were flagged down by a little girl.

"She started asking us about a program that the department has where they help a needy family during the holiday," Valencia said.

Andrea Rodriguez said her father is the only one working and they didn't have a lot of money.

"I wanted to do something to help my family," Andrea said. "So I decided to write a letter to the police officers."

She did it without her family knowing and made sure the deputies would read it. In the letter she begged for a Christmas tree for her family and her little sister who never had one before.

"The fact that she said they have never had a Christmas tree kind of humbled us a little bit," Valencia said.

The deputies picked up a seven-foot Noble fir and stuffed it in a patrol car. They also put the ornaments and lights in the trunk.

They radioed all units on duty to join them.

"All the partners came with us and we presented it and the joy and tears that came out of their eyes was unexplainable," Valencia said.

Andrea said the house now smells like Christmas.

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