818 Alert: Dial 1 + Area Code + Phone Number

The San Fernando Valley got an additional area code on Saturday, and it changed the way numbers must be dialed.

The state utilities commission approved the new area code in 2008, saying the vallley was running out of 818 numbers.

The new 747 area code will be handed out with numbers starting in May.

The new code means residents with the new area code and also within the previous 818 area code have to dial 11 digits. If you have phone numbers entered into auto-dial, you need to re-enter them to reflect the new dialing requirement.
Just to be clear: Even residents who have an 818 area code have to dial the number "one" plus the area code plus the phone number -- both for the new area code and also when calling another 818 phone number.

The change does not affect billing.

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