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Gray Whale Seen Entangled in Netting is Freed

A whale was seen entangled in netting off the coast of South Orange County on Monday



    Rescuers Free Gray Whale

    An entangled, 30-foot gray whale seen dragging about 100 feet of netting by its tail was freed Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017. (Published Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017)

    A 30-foot gray whale seen by paddle boarders Monday morning entangled in colored netting around its tail was freed Tuesday.

    The whale was spotted near Crystal Cove, then moved north toward Newport Beach.

    The whale had a gill net on its tail.

    Witnesses said it was dragging about 150 feet of rope.

    Entangled Whale Cut Free

    [LA] Entangled Whale Cut Free

    A whale trapped in crab fishing gear first spotted off the coast of Palos Verdes was cut free on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

    (Published Monday, July 31, 2017)

    The orange round buoys were placed there by a team to keep an eye on the whale.

    Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Harbor Patrol were out. Big boats were used to carry the cutting equipment. A smaller boat could get in closer to cut the netting away.

    This is the beginning of the migration season.

    Gray whales are southbound now from Alaska to Mexico. The crew says they were able to retrieve some of the netting and that sometimes it can be traced to a fishing company or vessel.