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A look back at the events that led to the "Trial of the Century" and the verdict

How Family, Friends Mourned Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman

In the days before O.J. Simpson's arrest, focus was on mourning the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman



    Families, Friends Mourned Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman

    In the days that followed the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, friends and family gathered outside her Brentwood home, leaving a growing memorial. At the funeral for Brown Simpson, ex-husband O.J. Simpson escorted the former couple's young children into the funeral. (Published Thursday, June 12, 2014)

    A few minutes after midnight, June 13, 1994, a neighbor discovered the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson -- the 35-year-old ex-wife of football great O.J. Simpson -- and a friend, Ronald Goldman, 25, outside her Brentwood townhouse.

    Both had been stabbed to death by an assailant a few hours earlier while two Simpson children were asleep inside the home.

    Brown Simpson had been to eat at local restaurant Mezzaluna, where Goldman was a waiter, with her family earlier that night, following her daughter’s dance recital. Judith Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's mother, had left her glasses at the restaurant. Goldman said he would return them to Nicole.

    20 Years Later, OJ Case Victim's Sister on New Path

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    The devastating impact of the infamous Nicole Simpson murder 20 years ago was long the source of grief and suffering for her younger sister Tanya. But since being pushed to the brink of her anguish 10 years ago, Tanya is now drawing on her painful ordeal to help others. Vikki Vargas reports for the NBC4 News at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 6, 2014.
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    As word spread of the grisly discovery in the normally quiet neighborhood, friends and family of the two began to visit her home, visibly upset and setting up makeshift memorials.

    In the days that followed, both Brown Simpson and Goldman’s families addressed the media.

    Despite being questioned by police the day after the murders as a possible suspect in the killings,  O.J. Simpson attended Nicole Brown Simpson's funeral in Orange County June 16, along with the former couple's two young children, Justin and Sydney.

    Archive: The O.J. Simpson Slow-Speed Chase

    [NATL-LA] Archive: The O.J. Simpson Slow-Speed Chase

    On June 17, 1994, an apparently suicidal Orenthal "OJ" Simpson and his friend Al Cowlings led police on a 60-mile slow-speed car chase through Los Angeles and Orange Counties, captivating viewers glued to television sets. Simpson had failed to surrender to police earlier in the day, when he was slated to be charged in the murders of his ex-wife and her male friend. As police closed down the freeways and 20 cruisers followed Simpson, spectators filled the freeway overpasses, many cheering him on with signs reading "Go O.J."

    (Published Wednesday, July 19, 2017)

    Simpson was arrested on suspicion of murder the next day, following the now-infamous slow-speed pursuit.

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