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Former Padres Pitcher Holds Suspected Mail Thieves at Gunpoint

Kevin Brown found two men in his mailbox and took matters into his own hands



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    Kevin Brown spent one memorable year in San Diego. (Getty Images)

    In his lone season with the Padres, that 1998 World Series team, pitcher Kevin Brown showed San Diego fans how he earned the reputation of being intense. Like really, really intense.

    To put it bluntly Kevin Brown took no crap from nobody and it would appear that has not changed in retirement.

    Brown reportedly held two thieves at gunpoint outside his home in Macon, GA, after finding them attempting to steal his mail. According to deputies in the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Brown suspected someone was raiding his mailbox so he hid in his neighbor’s yard waiting for them to try again.

    Deputies at the scene say Brown saw two males attempt to steal his mail, chased them down and kept his firearm aimed at them until law enforcement officers arrived. On Thursday morning two brothers, 30-year-old Jeremy Brown and his 15-year-old brother (no relation to Kevin Brown) were each charged with three counts of theft by taking and one count of forgery.

    An investigation by the Sheriff’s Department found them in possession of more than $3,000 in stolen cash and $16,000 in stolen checks.

    If you’re wondering why Brown is not in trouble for running around his neighborhood with a gun, Georgia has a “stand your ground” law that allows individuals to use force in the defense of property.

    Brown is credited with being the final piece to the puzzle that propelled the Padres to the 1998 National League Pennant. He struck out 257 hitters in 257.0 innings while winning 18 games and outdueling Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Tom Glavine in the playoffs.