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Montclair Water Leak Fixed, Gas and Water Restored

Thousands of gas company customers have hot water and gas again after nearly week-long inconvenience



    Montclair Water Leak Fixed, Gas and Water Restored
    A water leak in Montclair contaminated thousands of gas meters, forcing the Southern California Gas Company to undertake a large repair job in order to restore gas and hot water to most of its customers by Monday, Feb. 24, 2014.

    More than 1,700 customers in a Southern California community have gas and hot water again Monday after a water main leak contaminated the gas system earlier in the week and created major inconveniences for residents.

    About 20 homes in Montclair remained without natural gas or water Monday because customers were unavailable to let Southern California Gas Company employees check their utilities, officials said.

    The problem began Tuesday, Feb. 19, when water contaminated a gas line near the intersection of Central Avenue and Palo Verde Street, according to SoCal Gas Company. The leak destroyed thousands of gas meters, creating a major repair job for gas company employees.

    While hundreds of workers went door-to-door replacing meters, many Montclair residents used camp stoves to cook. Hot showers were non-existent and bottled water became a necessity for a few customers, who had their water completely turned off.

    Natural gas is non-toxic and does not present any danger, according to the gas company. It is lighter than air and dissipates safely. The Monta Vista Water District has ensured all customers that their water is safe to drink.