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NBC4 Responds: Puppy Scams



    NBC4 Responds: Puppy Scams

    Looking for a new best friend? NBC Responds has all you need to know about making sure you get the perfect puppy for you.

    • Beware of Internet scams and puppy mills
    • To make sure the puppy is real, ask for pictures of the pup with specific items like a recent newspaper
    • Ask to visit 
    • Ask the buyer to speak to others who have purchased pets or the veterinarian that works with the breeder
    • Pick your pet up yourself. Having the dog shipped or setting a meeting at a random location could be the sign of a scam
    • If you are told there are no refunds for a sick puppy, it could be a puppy mill
    • Use a credit card in case you need to dispute the charge
    • The best way to avoid being scammed is to adopt at a local shelter.
    Interested in adopting a pet? Here is a list of shelters throughout SoCal.