Facelift for Landmark Chronicled in Photographs

The 80 Year Old Fox Theater is Being Restored, and one Photographer is Documenting the Historic Renovation

The building has seen the likes Bing Crosby and Judy Garland during it's 80 year lifetime, as well premiering a sneak preview of Gone with the Wind in 1939.

Now the historic Fox Theater in Riverside is getting a new facelift, and one man has been on hand to document it all.

Photographer Michael Elderman has been known as "The Eyes of Riverside," with his pictures featured across Inland communities.

Now in his new book: "Riverside's Fox Theatre, An Intimate Portrait" Elderman has photographed the historic theatre's restoration over the past several years. Some of these same pictures are now featured in an exhibition at Riverside Art Museum downtown.

"I'm trying to put together something that is evocative, that creates emotions in people who look at the work," said Michael Elderman, Photographer.

For years the Fox Theater was host to many Hollywood previews before final film editing.

The building has been undergoing major renovation since 2006.

"We're recreating the theater as it was 80 years ago, but underneath the surface it's all wired, and it's state of the art, 21st century. You don't see that, but it's there," said Michael Elderman, Photographer.

The first event scheduled at The Fox Theatre in Riverside, is a Cheryl Crow concert January 22nd.

More information on Michael Elderman's "Riverside's Fox Theatre, An Intimate Portrait," exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum can be found at the event website.

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