That Explains It! The “Bad Driver” Gene

Study shows that bad driving could be genetic

Next time you’re sitting in traffic on the 405 and some jerk cuts you off don’t get mad. It might be genetic.

Or so says a recent study. 

Researchers found that subjects with a particular gene variant did 20% worse on a driving test than those with a different variant.
So how many bad drivers are out there? The UC Irvine study found that about 30% of Americans have the variant they tested.
So between you, the car in front of you and the car behind you, there’s trouble.
The driving test asked subjects to drive 15 laps on a simulator and then do the test again a week later. They found that those with the mutant gene were worse drivers across the board.
"These people make more errors from the get-go, and they forget more of what they learned after some time away,” said Dr. Steven Cramer who led the study.
The mutant gene affects memory by controlling production of a certain protein in the brain.
While the study was not originally intended to provide insight about drivers, it could be a foundation for more research about driving abilities.
Drive carefully.
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