Find Out More About California Live

California Live wants to help you live your best California life!

The show airs Monday to Friday at 11:30 a.m. on NBC in Los Angeles, San Diego and the Bay Area.

The show features the latest in beauty and fashion; the best in local hot spots; a daily dose of entertainment news, consumer-friendly technology trends, and must-visit destinations across California.

Covering the best from the Bay Area to the border, co-hosts Danielle Nottingham and Jessica Vilchis take viewers on thrilling adventures, talk about what's new from Silicon Valley, show the beauty of wine country, give updates on Hollywood’s latest news, and see why San Diego is coined "America’s Finest City."

California Live also features journalists and experts participating as correspondents, including HLN's Dr. Drew Show panelist Danielle Robay; parenting expert Donna Tetreault; Vicki Johnson of NASCAR Nation; and former "American Idol" contestant Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey, who leads the show’s "Knock-Knock" segments surprising viewers up and down the state for their good deeds.

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