It's a Wrap, and an Arrest

A film crew's confrontation with a tagger leads to an unfair fight

An Australian film crew has its sequel, thanks to officers in North Hills

The crew's photographer captured an attack involving vandals and another crewmember earlier this week. Police used the video to make an arrest in the attack, which left one of the crewmembers in the emergency room.

The film crew was shooting in North Hills when they spotted an individual painting a traffic control box. Crewmember "Dave" -- who appears as though he knows how to handle himself -- chased the subject until he ducked into a nearby building.

When the subject returned, he brought a friend and a set of brass knuckles.

"I had to take on two of them -- one had a (pepper) spray to get me in the face but that didn't work, and then I took him on," Dave said. "Then I grabbed him with the long hair and started to hit him, and the other started hitting me in the back of my head with the knuckle busters."

His photographer kept rolling.

"I thought, roll as much as I can and get out of there before anybody gets hurt," said photog Richard Weily.

Dave got the worst of it. He was admitted to the emergency room where he received a souvenir from his trip to the States -- stitches.

"It's just property, but it's disgusting," Dave said. "It makes the place look so bad. I can't imagine why they do it."

The film crew also caught the arrest on video.

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