Authorities Investigate “Initiation Ritual”

Authorities are investigating more hazing allegations at a Southland high school.

School officials said they received a tip from a parent regarding activities involving the Calabasas High School baseball team. Officials said eight boys were "confronted" about the matter, which was described as an initiation ritual.

"It did not occur on campus," said Assistant Superintendent Dan Stepenosky. "It occurred off campus, not during school hours, and not at a school event. The head coach was called by a concerned parent. The silver lining in a difficult situation like this is staff reacted immediately, promptly and professionally."

Stepenosky said the Ventura and Los Angeles county sheriff's departments, and the Department of Child and Family Services were notified.

Earlier this month, LAUSD officials confirmed that four administrators at Taft High School were transferred after hazing allegations that involved the boys volleyball team. The reassignments were made because the staff members possibly failed to disclose the hazing allegations, LAUSD officials said.

School officials said the allegations date back to last fall. The case was brought to the superintendent on Feb. 20. LAPD officials said they were notified Jan. 30.

"They were breaking in the newbies for the volleyball team," a Taft student said.

The department's early investigation cleared school employees of actively participating in hazing activities.

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