Big Rig Crashes Slow Morning Drive on 60 Freeway in Pomona

A second crash occurred after a driver stopped to avoid the crashed big rigs near the 71 Freeway

Two crashes, including one involving two big rigs, slowed the morning drive on the 60 Freeway Thursday after lane closures near the 71 Freeway in the Pomona area.

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Three eastbound lanes were blocked between Highway 71 and Reservoir Street (map) on the eastbound 60 Freeway. Lane closures remained in effect past 7:30 a.m. as crews worked to clear the wreckage. 

Two big rigs were involved in the initial crash at about 3:30 a.m. A driver suffered minor injuries.

"One driver possibly fell asleep and ran into the other big rig," said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Robert Rosenfelt.

A second crash occurred when a vehicle stopped for the first crash was struck by another driver. No injuries were reported in the second crash.

Aerial video showed a significant traffic backup as CHP officers directed drivers past the crash site.

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