Vacant Stores Act As Canvases for Melrose Place Ad Blitz


The Melrose Place marketing squad has found a new use for all those vacant Melrose Ave storefronts—plastering them in ads for the show's upcoming premiere. We spotted three different examples of these makeshift billboards in a two-block radius yesterday—two of them flanking sweet shops Xooro and Sweet Lady Jane across from Alexander McQueen, and a two-story wonder spanning two separate storefronts opposite Taste. We haven't seen them anywhere else in town, but wouldn't be surprised if this catches on—after all, it's a pretty decent way for landlords to get at least some return on their empty spaces. Even so, if we were prospective tenants on this chi-chi stretch of street, an ad heralding Tuesday as the new "hump day" wouldn't exactly be the way to lure us in.

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