Bratton to Talk Policing with King Abdullah II

Bratton and a deputy chief travel to Jordan to talk anti-terrorism and policing tactics

Both Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton and Deputy Chief Michael P. Downing departed Friday for Amman, Jordan, where they're scheduled to talk about counter-terrorism and policing tactics with Jordanian King Abdullah II and representatives of the General Intelligence Division of the Jordanian National Police.

The official LAPD blog reports that Bratton's journey abroad will conclude Jan. 26 when he returns to the US to attend conferences in Washington D.C.

Considering the security measures involved, not to mention the busy schedules of both King Abdullah II and LA's top cop, it's likely Bratton knew of his pending meeting when he made an appearance to negotiate a calm conclusion this month to a peaceful protest that blocked the entrance to the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles.

And, it probably doesn't hurt that LAPD officers responding to a recent pro-Palestinian protest on the Westside made news for having been ordered to not wear their riot helmets, allegedly because a higher-up thought they might look too intimidating.

King Abdullah, who is pursuing an Arab peace initiative, blames Israel for the Gaza crisis.

Of his scheduled meeting with King Abdullah II, a statement from Bratton published by the LAPD said: "These are unique opportunities to learn and exchange information that can truly play a critical role in assisting the LAPD and all U.S. police departments in maintaining the highest law enforcement standards and growing our accomplishments during this tough economic period."

-- TJ Sullivan

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