Pasadena Schools Propose $21M in Cuts

The Pasadena Unified School District Plans to Cut $21 Million Which Would Pay for Salaries, Supplies, and Most Services

The state's budget crisis has hit home in Pasadena where the school district is forced to cut $21 million which would pay for salaries, supplies and most services.

The Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) Board of Education approved the preliminary plan in order to fulfill its obligation to submit a two-year balanced budget to the Los Angeles County Office of Education by December 15, 2009.

“The substantial loss in state revenue will affect every person in the PUSD system, from children and teachers in the classroom to the personnel that makes sure that schools function optimally,” said Board of Education President Tom Selinske. “While we will make every effort to minimize the impact on student achievement, core programs and personnel, the state’s ongoing fiscal instability still poses a significant financial threat.”

Cuts in state funding have caused school districts throughout California to lay off teachers and other employees, increase class size and trim arts, music and athletic programs.

Three of the four groups who represent District employees, agreed in concept to another budget proposal, to furlough teachers for five days in 2010-11.

“If it helps to decrease layoffs and preserve the current upward momentum of student achievement, then we agree to five unpaid furlough days,” said Kathy Onoye, PUSD’s Executive Director of Elementary Instruction, and representative of the Association of Pasadena School Administrators. “Our concern as educators is that severe cuts will eliminate academic programs, reduce staff and have a negative impact on student achievement.”

The final budget is scheduled to be approved in June.

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