Buying Cars: New vs Used

September new car sales are expected to improve this month

With the markets in flux and the teetering economy in the mix, there is some good news on the economic front: September new car sales are expected to improve this month.

And, it turns out, "new" is the way most car buyers are going these days.

"New car sales have actually picked up. Right now, having a Hyundai store is almost like having an Apple store," said Bobby Tabanyi of Glendale Hyundai. "We are actually pre-selling all of our cars."

Many consumers are doing the math and realizing they can afford to buy "new" versus "used." One thing that is helping sales is that Japanese automakers are finally boosting their inventories after a huge shortage of parts at the hands of the March earthquake and tsunami.

Tabanyi said on average, the dealership gets about 10 to 12 people walkins during the week and about 3 or 4 going across the street to look at used cars.

While used cars are still selling, consumers are being lured in by incentives, lower interest rates and perhaps, necessity. During the 2008 recession, many people couldn't afford a new car, but did all they could just to keep their older car running.

For many shoppers, it's about reliability and the latest bells and whistles.

"You know this car is going to last with you for 3 or 4 years without spending any money on it," said potential car buyer," Sevan Asahak.

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