California Water Officials Optimistic About Rain Season

California water officials are optimistic that the state’s rain season is on the right track after last week’s record rainfall.

A cold front is forecast to bring more rain and mountain snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday will be dry, then showers will return Friday and Saturday, forecasters say.

Last week’s storms first brought showers that saturated the parched ground, followed by a heavy downpour that resulted in massive runoff.

“Winter is starting the way we were hoping it would start,” said Brando Goshi, a Metropolitan Water District policy manger.

But much more wet weather is needed to pull the state out of its severe drought.

Two critical reservoirs in Northern California, Oroville and San Luis, help feed water to the Southland. While they are still far from full, officials say they are several feet up from their near-historic lows.

"In most years, snow pack is more important at this time of year because that’s where water is held. But in this case I think some of that water got into those reservoirs and that’s going to be a good thing,"

What they are hoping is for a season of storms like last week – at least half a dozen or more – that are staggered as not to cause flooding.

"There’s a great deal of concern because where we started, but there’s no denying that’s a great start to the water supply season,” Goshi said.

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